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This indicator for recent growth might be especially suitable for large specimens with a well-developed digestive gland. Despite not being applicable to cephalopods, Modal Progression Analysis (MPA) of lengthfrequency data is the most common method for examining in situ octopus growth.Keywords: RNA/DNA; ; Growth Understanding octopus growth: patterns, variability and physiology Semmens J. Recently, counting growth increments in beaks and vestigial shells, and quantifying lipofuscin in brain tissue, have all shown promise for the ageing octopus.This study demonstrates that the likeliness to escape is species specific (p=0.001). Some of the following symptoms typify it: lack of feeding, retraction of skin around the eyes, uncoordinated movement, increased undirected activity, and white unhealing lesions on the body. Senescence is not a disease or a result of disease, although diseases can also be a symptom of it. Wood Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 2001 Summary: The idea of environmental enrichment for invertebrates is new. Ceph Base is an example of a taxon-specific web site powered by a relational database.

Estimating recent growth in the cuttlefish : are nucleic acid-based indicators for growth and condition the method of choice? High food rations and low temperature went along with high RNA/DW ratios and high RNA/DNA ratios.

While world-wide traditional fish stocks are decreasing the total world landings of all cephalopods have nearly doubled over the last decade (to 3.3 million tonnes in 1997).

Cephalopods have gained an excellent market price and have become subject of global trade including developing countries.

Octopuses generally demonstrate two-phase growth in the laboratory, with physiological changes possibly associated with the switch between an initial rapid exponential phase and a slower power growth phase.

Temperature and food ration and quality are key factors influencing the initial growth phase.

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