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#mygoose @jaymesv," Bennett posted alongside the pic. The duo has also been liking posts about their relationship on Twitter, seemingly confirming the news!

In another picture, a selife with Vaughan, Bennett told his followers how lucky he is. When it's your friend's birthday and you can't be there, you take over the @Southwest Air terminal in New Orleans to sing him Happy Birthday! Thanks to the gate agent Janez for hooking this up and notice she goes in on the backup dancing alongside @abigailclaireee and @luscioussstaputanga too! Vaughan showed Bennett a lot of love on his birthday in June.

The Argentine Tango is renowned throughout the world.

Argentine women may also be quite open to dating a foreigner because many women in Argentina complain about being "kitchen slaves" where they are expected to almost constantly work in the Kitchen.

There are also quite a few Argentine women descended from Middle Eastern immigrants, particularly Lebanese and Syrian Christians.

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One of the best pieces of advice I can give you for dating an Argentine girl is to be flexible.

You don't have to change who you are or give up YOUR culture, just take it easy when dating her and relax.

Your relationship is probably going to have some serious drama at some points. One minute everything is going great and happy, the next, dead cold.

Argentine girls are going to try to play with you at first. They're just going to try to screw with you, what should you do? Expect your relationship to work something like a soap opera, with a lot of ups, downs and dramatic swings.

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Women from Argentina also complain about men only using them for sex.

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